New LED Innovation By Audi Is A Giant LED Soccer Scoreboard?

25. August 2014 - Audi has added new light to the 2014 FIFA World Cup with the giant LED soccer scoreboard. The unique thing about this scoreboard is that it is illuminated by 28 headlights of Audi A8 sedans. Artikel lesen

New 3 Way LED Bulb Gives An Edge To Cree

21. August 2014 - Cree has received aid to its growth from the ever expanding and dynamic LED bulb portfolio. This 3 way Cree LED bulb is available at about half the cost of other LED bulbs. Artikel lesen

Gliedert Philips sein LED-Tochterunternehmen aus?

19. August 2014 - Vor einiger Zeit wurde aus der Siemens-Tochter Osram ein eigenes Unternehmen der Beleuchtungsbranche. Nun folgt Philips. Machen sich jetzt die LED Unternehmen breit? Artikel lesen

What Is The New Offering From Cree In The Field Of LED Luminaire?

14. August 2014 - There is a new introduction in the field of LED luminaire and that is a sleek new outdoor LED luminaire. This is done by Cree, which is known as the manufacturer of the cutting edge LEDs. Artikel lesen

Will RagLite Be Successful In Starting The First Flexible LED Light Bank Of The World?

10. August 2014 - LED lighting system is now immensely popular and used for both video and photography.  There are some interesting variations of the lighting system setups are also coming up. Artikel lesen

Hornussen: Tradition trifft LED Beleuchtung!

7. August 2014 - In Zuchwil wird die Nacht taghell, wenn die innovative LED Beleuchtung auf eine beliebte Tradition trifft und gestandene Männer im Dunkeln zum Red Bull Hornussen antreten. Artikel lesen

What Is The New LED Product Launched By Rigid?

3. August 2014 - Rigid has been in the industry for quite a long time that is from the year 2006. It had been known for patenting LED optic systems and designing circuitry which are more powerful, efficient and known for generating less heat. Artikel lesen

LED Projekt auf dem Campus?

30. Juli 2014 - Auf dem Campus der Uni Siegen wird der erste Hörsaal auf LED Leuchten umgestellt. Die Umstellung auf die energiesparenden LEDs dient gleichzeitig als Projekt. Artikel lesen

What Are The New Ways In Which LED Can Be Used?

27. Juli 2014 - LEDs would not be just used as light bulbs rather now they would be used for making your ceilings more interesting.  These lights are now being integrated into clothes and also used in carpets and ceiling in a similar way that some solar panels are used in rooftop. The new luminous ceiling is created by Philips and it was showcased in the Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt. In the ceiling the LEDs are packed in a mesh and then combined with textile so that sound absorbing and ultra-thin panels could be made which would offer new lights and there would be apparently no exterior fixtures. Artikel lesen

Will LED Streetlights Make The Cash Savings Plan Of Quedgeley A Success?

24. Juli 2014 - It seems that every city in every country is now deciding on saving energy costs and for saving energy costs these cities are planning on setting up LED streetlights. Thus as a part of the plan now more than 500 old streetlights in Gloucestershire will be changed to LED lights which would save money for the county council on energy. Artikel lesen

Will Cumbria Be Able To Save Money Through Installation Of LED Lights?

21. Juli 2014 - Cumbria is hoping that it would be able to save lots of money in a year and that amount is up to #430,000 a year. It thinks that this would be possible after installing the energy efficient road lights which are almost 12000 in number. Artikel lesen

Gibt es bald LED Island?

18. Juli 2014 - Die schönen Seiten der beliebten deutschen Nordseeinsel Sylt sollen durch die innovative LED Beleuchtung nun noch mehr in den Fokus gerückt werden. Ziel ist es die innovative und nachhaltige LED Technik auf der Insel einzusetzen um die Lebensqualität zu steigern. Artikel lesen

Will Osram Sylvania in Hillsborough Be A Major Force In LED Revolution?

10. Juli 2014 - For years, we have seen the company Osram Sylvania making a mark in the automotive lighting industry. With each new technology it has brought in new revolution in the lighting industry. Artikel lesen

What's Cooking With LED lighting solution at Meizhou Dongpo's Inaugural U.S. Restaurant?

7. Juli 2014 - LED Source has been assigned the project of creating custom LED lighting solution for Creates Custom LED Lighting Solution for Meizhou Dongpos first ever venture in the United States. Artikel lesen

Farbsensor für LEDs?

4. Juli 2014 - Die LED Technik hat die Welt der Lampen und Leuchten revolutioniert. Obgleich sie hochentwickelt sind, sind sie dennoch anfällig, da die schwerpunktmässige Wellenlänge von LEDs noch temperatur- wie auch alterungsabhängig ist. Artikel lesen

What Is Naperville’s Approach Towards LED Bulbs And Its Future?

26. Juni 2014 - Naperville is now planning to move towards LED bulbs fixation throughout the city. This plan of Naperville is now moving on the fast track as it is now testing varieties of LED lights from various companies before selecting the one that would provide the city with the LED lights for the next years to come. The stretch of Diehl Road west of Washington Street is serving as the test area. Artikel lesen

What Is About DuPonts® New Research On OLED Lighting?

23. Juni 2014 - DuPont Microcircuit Materials®, also referred as DuPont®, has started sharing its latest research developments about the screen printable nano-silver conductor ink findings for the OLED lighting used in grids as well as bus lines and other applications. Artikel lesen

Was sonst? LEDs zum Vatertag!

20. Juni 2014 - Offiziell gibt es in der Schweiz keinen Vatertag. Dennoch wird gefeiert und vielleicht gibt es auch ein LED Geschenk dazu. Artikel lesen

BMW Wants To Put Super-Efficient OLED Tail Lights On Your Next Car?

15. Juni 2014 - It seems that the auto maker BMW is now interested in OLED lights too as the automobile giant has decided on introducing OLED lights in the next car. Artikel lesen

Verleiten die LEDs zu mehr Stromverbrauch?

11. Juni 2014 - Die LED Technik gilt als Beleuchtungstechnik der Zukunft mit einem Nachteil! Wissen Sie welcher? Artikel lesen


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